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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmas @ Borski's Way

Finding a perfect time to get together gets harder as we grow older and everyone's schedules grow more complicated. We must have looked at 4 different times and dates this year but settled on Dec 22nd (Tylor's birthday as well). It will be the last time for the Borski house. Here are some pictures from the evening although I cannot believe I have none of Carl, Lori and kids although I think we have Alyssa's head in one of them. They were all there as well.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Pierce XMas Party 2008

The Pierce XMas Party was held on Dec. 20th at John Jr.'s house this year. Tylor, Kristin, Sarah, Bruce, the grand kids and I headed out and got there easily following the GPS directions. Sarah and I had picked Bruce up at the airport as he headed home from Mobile. The Mall was packed as we finished our Christmas shopping. It was certainly fun to see everyone. Wyatt and Dakota love playing with the little boys and John's dog, Molly, was great with all the people and excitement. The present swap went well with Cody's girlfriend getting the #1 position. John Sr. and Sheila got matching presents- ha ha. Here are some pictures.