Nov 2011 Savannah, GA 4:38
Dec 2010 Jacksonville, FL 4:22
Feb 2010 New Orleans, LA 4:10
Jan 2010 Mobile, AL 4:07
May 2009 Burlington, VT 4:54
Oct 2004 Portland, ME 3:57

Monday, October 3, 2011

Long, but pleasant 19

19 miles completed on Sunday, and it was a fairly lonely, long run at that!

People sometimes ask me what I think about or do for over 3 hours of running.

Yesterday, I had that unique opportunity. And I hope it doesn't sound like this was a new experience because I have run many, many long miles alone. Just seemed that I hadn't for most of this training session and I found that I really missed that companionship!

First of all, I really do not run with music very often.  Thought about it briefly yesterday, but decided it was just one more thing to carry.  I already had 4 Gels, glide, chapstick, water belt with 4- 12 oz bottles of water, keys and the Garmin on one wrist and the RoadID on the other. 

I do listen to great, energizing songs on the way to the starting point so that those songs go through my mind on the run.  Usually there are at least 2, maybe 3 songs that will stick.  Then there is all the thinking about route selection and if I need to head all the way out 9 1/2 and the big question of whether I have enough water or not.  I depend on a lot of water during a run- I am not a camel! So that keeps my mind occupied for a bit.

Another thing that I do is gauge when to drink the water based a bit on water stops for the upcoming marathon.  This time I was going to try to drink at mile 2 and then every 1 1/2 thereafter.  Gels I try to take at 45 min intervals.  This can break up the run as well.  Then there is always the scenery and different landmarks to pass.

Sometimes I try to think about what I have planned for the rest of the day or the upcoming week. About every couple miles I try to really take note of how my body is feeling.  Do I need to concentrate more on relaxing different body parts or is the Achilles or IT Band starting to become irritated.

I did end up heading all the way out, mostly perhaps because knowing that coming back to the car and then having to complete another 3-5 miles can be emotionally hard.  This way, when I turned it was to head home and be done!  The only concern was the water.

I got the first 13 miles in pretty easily.  It is amazing how all of a sudden that voice in your head says, wow! 6 more miles! I'm starting to feel tired! What am I going to do for another 6!

So, I would say that at these times it is the most important for me to focus on the task at hand. Knock off 1 mile at a time. Most times I can convince myself that if I get through the next 1/2 mile or so I will have some renewed energy.  Just keep moving.  Even running slowly is faster than walking.  Other things I have to resort to doing is counting strides or seeing landmarks ahead and then just trying to make it to that next one.  Oftentimes I go through the alphabet and make up adjectives about myself- yesterday the E was for elephantine fingers!  My fingers always swell during long runs.  For the most part, they are good, motivating adjectives. Lol:)

And then, there is that moment, maybe with 2 or 3 miles to go when you know you can do it and that the feeling you get with finishing will surpass this present feeling.

Couple funny moments though was with about 4 miles to go, wondering if I could find a faucet out near the road so I could get some water!  I ran past a house that had set a water dish out for the dogs that are walked on this road and I chuckled to myself about whether it was clean enough for me to fill up even one water bottle! I decided I could make it without stealing water from the dogs!

What things do you think about while on long runs?

Friday, September 30, 2011

September Wrap Up

September just flew by, didn't it?

Field Trips- 3: Malbis Church, Jackson Oak and Paddle Boarding at Magnolia Springs

Miles Run or is it Ran?  126

Not that that is what I look like in the least! Ha! Looks like a fun place to run though.

Current Aches and Pains-  My Achilles has been better.  Currently alternating between 3 pairs of shoes.  My Brooks for long runs, my Nike Frees for shorter distances, and Nike Airs for in betweens.  Seems to be working for the legs.

I rolled an ankle last night playing tennis, so iced it quickly and think it will be ok.  Especially since I have 19 coming up tomorrow morning.

Had another case of vertigo this week.  Couch bound for 3/4 of a day.  It makes me feel grateful for those days when I am up and moving, let me tell ya:)

Current Obsession- Words with Friends; everyone in the household on different computers/cells playing with each other and others!  Craziness- oohhhh, how many points for that??

And, of course, I am playing it while trying to write this blog post!

Current Drink- Coconut Water; trying it as a post run drink right now.  Might try it on a long run.  Dean drinks it!!!

Current Song/Artist/Album- William Fitzsimmons with The Sparrow and the Crow; found him on Spotify when a friend was listening on FB. 

Current Dislike- hmmmmm, that I cannot seem to get as much done as I would like in the day?

Current Book- Between, Georgia by Joshilyn Jackson.  The feud that began the night a baby was stolen is escalating.... doesn't that make you want to read more?

Current Goals-  Clean out and organize a closet in the computer room and attend Bird Fest next week. Be nice to just get one of these done, preferably the fun one! Lol:)

Current Treat- California Tart frozen yogurt with fresh fruit at one of three local yogurt shops that opened in close proximity!

Ok, back to Words with Friends- killer game currently with BP!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Friday Field Trip- Sept 16th

Finally tried paddleboarding!

Bruce and I made reservations for paddleboarding for Friday afternoon.  They would meet you at Jesse's Restaurant at Magnolia Springs with the boards and you could have them for 4 hours to paddle up and down the river.  My link to Magnolia Springs has a loop of pictures and a couple of them are where we paddled.

Sounded like lots of fun.  The only things making me nervous were a) falling off and b) snakes. 

I had crossed the alligator off the list since I had never heard of any in this river nor seen any for that matter.  I almost decided to get kayaks instead, but really wanting to try paddleboarding we decided to brave it. When asked if there were snakes, our guide did smile and say "well, yes, they are around but I have only seen 1 in the water while paddling."  You might think that this would heighten my anxiety, but it did just the opposite.  The odds were against me seeing any! Yay!

Our guide helped place the boards into the river and gave us a water tight box to attach to the end of the board with cell phone and keys.  We took life jackets, but never put them on.  He suggested we start on our knees and then stand up when ready.  It was such fun! 

So peaceful on the river and the boards went smoothly along.  We saw  turtles, both on logs and swimming,  jumping fish,

and a beautiful blue heron repeatedly on our 3 hour long excursion.

We did get some slight waves from a motorboat with water skiers and one time we were already down on our knees taking a break.  The other time, we were standing up and Bruce made for the knees pretty quickly.  I was going to try standing through it all- see how my balance was- but then I got nervous and also got down.

I will definitely go again and who knows might buy some boards.  Here are the pictures we took, being careful not to lose the cell in the murky waters!  Lol:)

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Wacky Wednesday Words

or rants or just ramblings

First of all I have had 3 good runs in a row which really calls for a celebration of sorts! Yesterday, the 5 miles felt good but I did realize that I should have started the run earlier.  The sun and humidity showed up earlier than I wished it had.

And so, with that in mind, last night I watched the weather forecast to see what was in store today

That of course, might seem to most to be hot when in fact that is cooler temps for us Bamians! However, I like to run around 70 or cooler so when you back up this hour by hour forecast, you realize that by 8 it will be 75 and they used the word "HUMIDITY" several times! Yikes!  So, I went to bed early hoping to wake up early and get the run out of the way.  After all, it was 8 miles.

????  No, it went like clockwork! I woke up at 5:00 and of course became instantly wide awake, knowing that I needed to get running.  Funny how that happens.  So I hit the pavement at 5:30 and how nice to be at the computer, run all finished.  I have discovered that about myself.  I AM a morning runner?! No other way around it.  I enjoy watching and hearing the world awaken.  Other good news?  Cooler temps and less humidity for the week-end! Yippee!

Now, look what I found that I hope to get for Christmas.  I already pasted the picture on FB and alerted my husband to that fact.  Hope he remembers.  Will need to remind him several more times I  am sure.

There is a story behind this of course! As I ran the First Light, a marathon here in Mobile (Jan 2010), I was joined during the run by a talkative man.  I am not much of a talker (while running).  Real life, now look out! But, as we ran up a long stretch at about mile 18 he said that it still looked like I had good form and was doing a great job. And, of course, I thought, yeah well I guess not too shabby and I am keeping up with this guy.  Anyhow, in the next sentence, he tells me he just did Jackson, Miss the day before.  Well, okay dokey, now I maybe am not feeling like I am doing as well.  Lol:)  Anyway, this guy had done a marathon in ALL 50 states and was starting over?!!!!  Incredible. 

 So, of course, it started me thinking- as if I need another crazy goal in my life, but...maybe 1 in each state was doable.  So, I have completed 5 in 5 different states.  A 6th signed up for and maybe 2 more on the horizon in the early part of 2012.  My husband just shakes his head and says it can't be done. Not enough time for me to do it. But where's the harm in trying, right?  Must have the XMas ornament!

So, any crazy goal oriented folks out there?

What is your favorite running time?

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Friday Field Trip- postponed/ Marathon Training Update

Ok, so Friday was way too hectic to get to the "place" I wanted to tour so I have postponed that trip for 9/23.  Should take about 40 min to get there and 2 1/2 there with 40 back so perhaps you see why I did not make it yesterday.

Today was spent running 17 miles with John and Margo.  We tried out a new route and that is why I love love love my Garmin!!!!

 I bought it in 2009 and have used it almost to death.  You don't need to drive your run route beforehand, you can deviate anytime during the run that you want, and it is a great traveling companion (Lol).  I have used it in Orlando, Aruba, Maine, Myrtle Beach, San Antonio, etc. Only downside is when you think you have charged the battery and then find it did not happen- say, when I got to the starting line for New Orleans and turned it on only to find that it kept shutting itself back off.  Now this might have unnerved many a runner.  They did use clocks but had corrals and different start times for waves of runners so I would have to subtract a certain amount of time form each clock and one knows late in a marathon, math and anything else like that is NOT what one wishes to do! All worked out though, afterall, what was the alternative?!  So I ran with the watch which probably weighed me down (Lol) and been extra vigilent about it never happening again.

Spent the morning running past the local Y, local library, through Alligator Alley, and then into Meaher State Park on the Causeway.  Truly an unforgettable run with temps in the high 60s-low 70s.

Printed out the map for Savannah and looked at route information. 23,000 runners for the combined 1/2 and full so it will be crowded. Will have to drive the route on that Friday.  This is a Sat marathon- a bit different than others I have done.  The plan is to drive over Thursday and get to hotel.. maybe do packet pick up then but I think we will wait until Friday and do the expo and pick up at the same time. Then run marathon Sat and do post party and then drive back Sun with several stops for some stretching and walking around. 

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Tanked or Thankful

Ok, so here we go again.  Out for a 4 mile run.  Should be easy, right?! After all, I just did 13 in the rain. Wrong! Nada.  Tough breathing.  Heavy legs.  Lots of negativity- at least for the final mile.  First three weren't great but at least I ran them all.  Last mile was a combination walk/run.

So, here is where the thankful part comes in.  I am still able to get shoes on my feet and out the door TO run.  No tropical storms or hurricanes in the Gulf right now.  Get to see Harlan Coben today for a book signing. Playing tennis tonight. So, quit the whining Carla!!!  Suck it up as my father-in-law would say!

Afterall, there is always that 17 you have this week-end to look forward to!  Lol:))

Besides running.  I know, there must be some variety. Thinking about Field Trip Friday and have a special place in mind!  Tune in tomorrow to read all about it!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Running in the Rain- Thanks Lee

Runners and especially long distance runners are always trying to fit those long runs in on the week-end amidst family plans, weather, and sleep.  There are many considerations.

First and foremost- what day to run?  What does each person's schedule look like? This week, either Sat morning or Sunday morning would have worked.

2- what does the weather look like? Well, let's see now, it looks like Tropical Depression turned into Tropical Storm Lee and she is making a mess of the schedule!!! Slow moving and packing lots of rain.  Probably better to get it done Sat morning.  This does NOT mean a dry 13 miles.  Of that, we know.  That means, wet, soggy shoes, socks, clothing.  Possibly lots of chafing.

3- route? Well, always better on the long runs to head out and back.  All well and good with dry conditions but with today's forecast, seems that perhaps it would be better to run loops somewhere just in case there are thunderstorms and tornado watches posted.  Ok, so a neighborhood and maybe 3 four miles laps with an extra mile tacked on.

4-set out all the stuff the night before or grab it in the morning...and I am talking gu's or gels, water with belt, sneakers, extra socks, glide, visor, breakfast foods... the list becomes endless.  Oh yeah, don't forget the watch.  Don't want to run too little or too much! Music? probably not for today with the rain.

So......headed to a neighborhood Sehoy, strapped on the water, set the watch and here we go.  First 3 go well and then all of a sudden, here comes the black clouds and we get caught in a torrential downpour! Everything soaked.  Stop for more water and gels after 4.  Decide against changing socks and head back out for the next 4 mile loop.  Weather clears after about 2 miles.  Starting to think about changing socks and shorts.  Hmmmmm maybe not. Finished with 8.  Decide to change shorts but not socks.  I am wearing toe socks and they have been great thus far.  Don't mess with something working! Weather cleared again.  Off we go.  Can't even get 1 mile in before the rain again!  But, hey whatever, pretty much wet and soggy and the best part...ALMOST DONE!!!!  Get back to the start with 1 mile to go.  Out .5 and back.  Here we go.  I really don't feel like doing it but you know, running with someone else sometimes helps you push through and after all, it's only 1 mile.  Break it down, .5. Just make it to the turn.  Get there and back!!!

Now, we can head into the week-end being done with the long run.  It is always such a great feeling to be done with it.  Can eat a bit more today, sleep in tomorrow, stay up later because we are hosting a party!!! Life is good!

Friday, September 2, 2011

Field Trip Friday

Well, not to disappoint y'all, even though it was a day shrouded in misty fog and with a light precipitation falling, I grabbed coffee, camera, and raincoat and headed for Bay Front Park.  It is the sight of Jackson's Oak, where legendary Andrew Jackson was to have made a speech to his troops from one of its massive branches in 1812.  Here is a link for more history and then on to my adventure.

Had enough space to park, what with the weather and all and decided to head out onto a pier that was there.  Saw these little crabs- and I mean little, not like those back in Maine.  A man I talked to said they are used for bait and then I watched another gentleman catching shrimp.

There was a board walk that I headed out to next and it was lovely- and a bit lonely. I will post a few flowers I saw along the way

and then the boardwalk ended and there was a sign

Ok, I do not relish seeing either of these sights and considered turning back until another time when I might have someone along, but then being the Maine adventurer I decided to continue onward and was rewarded by seeing a blue heron.

Finally, after having almost walked through some Banana Spider webs I found D'Olive Cemetery and then Jackson's Oak.  It was huge and massive and is hard to really appreciate fully from a picture.  The moss that hangs down and the sheer size of the tree was well worth the trip.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A Contest!!!! Love the idea!

This is a chance to win the Run Like a Girl book. Great idea for perhaps getting rid of books you won't read again and also for getting people to read my blog!

Last Day of the Month

Well, here it is again, the last day of the month. The months are just flying by.  Usually, on the last day, I try to do something I have never done before or go somewhere I have never been.  It is like the field trip I took last Friday to the Greek church.  I already have my

Field Trip Friday

all picked out so today must be something different...make something? create something? visit something? Y'all will have to check in tomorrow to see what I came up with.

Other news- the running seems to be going well.  Got my 4 in yesterday and 6 in this morning (1 more mile walking).  I got to see a friend who I haven't had the opportunity to visit with for almost a month.  When she asked if I wanted to run with her this morning at 5:30 I jumped at the chance.  Early, but I know me, set the alarm for 4:55 and woke up at 4:50.  We met at the local YMCA and headed out. Reminded me of my early morning runs with ladies back in Maine. She tweaked her calf/Achilles though with about a mile to go- hence the walk at the end.  I do hope she is ok. We are both training for the Savannah Marathon- and it finally sold out!  23,000 folks crazy enough to pay a chunk of change to run! Amazing!

Monday, August 29, 2011

15 Miler- check

Ok ,so let's just say that it finally happened! I finally had that one good run that mentally I needed!  Woot! Woot!

I have been thinking that if I could change something that the runs would get better.  What are those items in my control?

1- weight
Drop that 10 pounds that accumulated this past year.  Perhaps, no, definitely that had made me feel more sluggish.  In my control?  Yes, the doctor said after finding that thyroid and blood tests are excellent. So, I decided on the South Beach Diet and have lost 6-8 pounds.  Feeling much better.  Didn't really change the way I was feeling when running though.

2- sneakers
Time to change sneakers or go more minimalist or change brands?  Lots to read about and think about. I wear orthotics too so I have thought I should be careful with these decisions.  I had been running in Saucony Hurricanes and had no problems.  Then won a pair of Brooks from the New Orleans Marathon and have been running in those.  Again, good sneaks, but not much different from the Sauconys.  So why not?  try something new.  I bought some Nike Frees for shorter distance runs and some Nike Pegasus (not stability and not top of the line) sneakers for the longer runs.  Time will tell I guess.  Anyway, feet and legs feel fine. Again, not seeing much difference in my runs.

3- training
Using Hal Higdon's 4 day a week Novice 2 training program.  For the last 3 marathons I had upped the days and mileage (6 days a week- running two 22 mile training runs) but Achilles trouble started in again and so I decided to back off and cross train.  Not a great start though as I had only run 6 days in July! Ugh!  However, I have run the past 7 training runs so perhaps back on track. Not sure about how my time will be for this Marathon, but with each marathon I am perhaps refining for me individually.

So, with all those items being in my control, why was I still not running like in the past!?  It had become frustrating to say the least.  I would start out feeling good and then wham! I was done and nothing I could say to myself seemed to be working.  All the tricks and mantras were doing me no good.

Deep down I know I am a cold weather runner and that the heat and humidity of the south is about killing my running, but I still am amazed at how much it wipes me out.

Yesterday, forecasts were for lower humidity and at least a start of 70 so here we go again, heading out for 15 miles.  Running good and relaxed but knowing in the back of my mind that at any moment I could be done, wanting to walk.  Well, that time didn't come yesterday and I was overjoyed that I could enjoy, yes, enjoy a long 15 mile run.  Some might ask,  How can you enjoy a run that long? Well, there is just something about them that I like.  Some mornings it is the birds I hear or the sun breaking through, thinking of all those people still in bed who can't enjoy this part of the day.  Sometimes it is going on a new route or seeing something new on a road that you never noticed before, perhaps because of sailing by in the car. It is also that feeling afterwards, that your body has had a great work out and now it can relax for a bit.

Will I ever run a 50 miler? Perhaps.... Never say never

Friday, August 26, 2011

Field Trip

Ok, so I know I was supposed to add pictures from the Maine Summer Adventure!  But...just thinking about taking some pictures of the Greek Church down the road with the sun coming up.  Wouldn't that be just fabulous?! 

Does that mean that I ought to get dressed or just wear my pj's- hmmm not a long wait for an answer to that one.  After all, I do live in the South now y'all, where one cannot go out without getting dressed including teeth brushed, hair and make up done, etc.  Hope the sun waits and I get good photos!

Ok, so I get there and it opens to the public at 9am so I am officially an hour early.  I take some pictures anyway and then hopefully I will go back so I can see inside as well.

Isn't this beautiful!!

I especially liked this one as you can see the sun glinting off the stained glass windows.
The next couple are close ups of mosaics and door frame work.

The next one is also one of my favorites.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Agendas and To Do Lists

Well this will just be a short blog post about becoming more efficient, or not as the case may be! Always seems to be items on my To Do List! Some manage to stay there for days or weeks.  Notice they are the ones that I really don't want to do.  Right now I have some that are just agenda items for today- get to USA to meet Sarah, play tennis at MTC @ 6:00.  Obviously, these are necessary places I need to get to and so I guess they are To Do items.  Then I would like to go to Luci-May's today and use my Living Social coupon.  Could go in between the above mentioned items.  Then there are things I need to bring to Mobile:

tennis items (most important being sneakers, racket, outfit and water)
books to return to USA bookstore for $ (hopefully lots)
Monster drinks for Sarah -that she forgot here on the counter this morning

Then there are always things Bruce would like me to look into or "do" as a big favor to him.  Today it happens to be to find out what the going refinancing rates are at RBC bank. Of course, the lawn did get mowed and OFF my list yesterday.

Other mscl items I would like to do- run, take another Spanish lesson, read a couple chapters of my latest read, marinade chicken for tonight, kill the fire ants outside near the front doorstep, pay some bills, find a date to paddleboard and take a trip inland for some hiking.

So, knowing all those things won't get done!!!! hmmmm write a blog post about them and then choose a few I guess.  Don't procrastinate on getting items ready for Mobile though and really should hit the bank!

Promise to add Maine pictures from the summer 2011 trip tomorrow!!!!!  It's on the list!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Very Long Week!!!

Ok, so this week has been so long.  I worked Mon-Wed and played tennis in Mobile Monday and Tuesday evenings.  Then Sarah started driving back to Bama from Maine on Wed. Thursday morning got the call that the car was having problems. 

Anyway, many hours later she goes back to my sister-in-laws minus a dead car to pack what she can into 2 suitcases to be flown down.  Flight not until Friday now.  Friday, the flight was delayed and then canceled because of high winds so now she is flying into Gulfport this afternoon.  I know she just wants to sleep in her own bed tonight!!!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Tumblr, Podcasts, etc.

Ok, so why have tumblr and what would it add to my life?  I actually started to add this and ran into a snag-how to sign up for one? and is it another thing like FB and G+? or do I create a blog?  That is what it sounded like since it asked for a URL.

Also signed up for some free podcasts in iTunes that I think will be helpful! IPadToday (even though I do not have the IPad-Bruce does) and an NPR Technology Podcast.  My goal here will be to download it to my IPod and then listen to it in the car when I am driving.

Enough for this morning though!  I need to get outside and start enjoying the day!  Perhaps a bkie ride at the shore?!  Anyone want to join me? You know how to reach me I hope!

New Technologies and Posting More Regularly!!!

Ok, so I have just attended a social media conference and heard about the relevance of twitter (again) and also learned about G+.  This was on Friday and now, Sunday, I am plowing full steam ahead into upgrading my techno world!

Got a G+ account and playing with that a bit! Found Sarah Sutter on there as I knew I would!!!! since she is always current with all new technologies. Goal one: get more used to the format and what is available and add some contacts.

Added Tweet Deck to my mobile phone and added more people to follow.  Goal two: Look at the streams at least 3 times a day.

Blogs and Blogging
Goal three: read more of the blogs that I subscribe to and write regularly on the own I author!  Now to define regularly.....let's start out with 3 posts a week and see how that goes.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Ready to Head to Maine!!!

Bruce and I are getting ready to head to Maine again this summer to see family and friends. We cannot wait. Our days are filling up quickly though.  Bruce has his 30th class reunion! It does not seem possible.  Greg, Marcie and the kids will travel up from New Jersey to do some camping too.  The grandbabies are excited for some overnight camping with Grampy and Nan and also a trip to Funtown Splashtown. Excited to spend some quality time with my Ya Ya friends!

News from Bama? Hot and humid weather conditions.  Bruce got a road bile and we have had some great rides together. Tubing down the Styx River was fun.  Might try paddleboarding soon. And a full time job.

Will write later but at least I have given a small update.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

My Blog Format

Ok, so I do not like my blog format and really need to take some time to play around with it.  It is just a straight line down with the pictures the same way.  How ordinary and boring! Can I fool around with it today?  Is there time in my schedule?  One would think that not working would be conducive to getting more done in your day because you have more time to work with BUT it is incredible what little tasks get in the way or with how sidetracked I get during the day...For example, right now I have at least 5 things I need/would like to be doing: dishes (obviously a need, not a like), reading Wait Till Next Year by Doris Kearns Goodwin (definite like), reading FB posts, getting a box into the mail to my grandchildren (2 have birthdays next week), making breakfast, stopping at the bike shop to see if they have any rides coming up, etc. 

 I will come back to this today for sure, just not sure when.  I have to be in Fairhope at 1 to play bridge until 4 and then home to work out with Bruce and grill the chicken I marinaded. Get the picture?  Every day is like this!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Anniversary- A Look Back 21 Years Ago

21 years. Doesn't seem possible.  I could not resist getting out the wedding pictures and once I had started looking through them knew I would have to share them on FB.  Then, naturally, a post on the blog seemed appropriate.

We had decided on the wedding date very quickly in order for it to coincide with Bruce's brother, Greg, being home on leave from the Navy in Hawaii.  That meant a winter wedding.  We cut costs and decided on a small wedding and larger reception.  The wedding took place in our apartment in Wiscasset and we had a good friend's mother officiate.  Another friend made the wedding cake, we decorated the hall in West Gardiner, and made all the food and the music CD (I suppose they were tapes back then-lol).

The wedding went well.  My grandparents were in attendance.

 My brother's girlfriend, Lori Holyoke, who is now my sister-in-law was also there.

 I remember it snowing and there was snow on the ground as well.  We exchanged our own vows and Bruce was so sweet.

We had a wonderful start to our life together.

The reception was terrific. Our daughter, Kristin, who was three had a fun time too.

We stayed in Waterville our first night together.  Then we went to Sugarloaf for the following night.  Unfortunately, it was New Year's Eve and there was a slight issue with dinner reservations, but we were able to get into the restaurant at 9:00pm.  We watched lots of football the next day and did not ski.

We have not been back to stay there although I would like to sometime.  Also, having an anniversary the day before New Year's Eve has posed problems with expensive week-ends away to try and celebrate.  I remember getting away for the week-end one time!  We went to Kennebunkport and had a fabulous time there.

Here are a few more pictures: