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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Anniversary- A Look Back 21 Years Ago

21 years. Doesn't seem possible.  I could not resist getting out the wedding pictures and once I had started looking through them knew I would have to share them on FB.  Then, naturally, a post on the blog seemed appropriate.

We had decided on the wedding date very quickly in order for it to coincide with Bruce's brother, Greg, being home on leave from the Navy in Hawaii.  That meant a winter wedding.  We cut costs and decided on a small wedding and larger reception.  The wedding took place in our apartment in Wiscasset and we had a good friend's mother officiate.  Another friend made the wedding cake, we decorated the hall in West Gardiner, and made all the food and the music CD (I suppose they were tapes back then-lol).

The wedding went well.  My grandparents were in attendance.

 My brother's girlfriend, Lori Holyoke, who is now my sister-in-law was also there.

 I remember it snowing and there was snow on the ground as well.  We exchanged our own vows and Bruce was so sweet.

We had a wonderful start to our life together.

The reception was terrific. Our daughter, Kristin, who was three had a fun time too.

We stayed in Waterville our first night together.  Then we went to Sugarloaf for the following night.  Unfortunately, it was New Year's Eve and there was a slight issue with dinner reservations, but we were able to get into the restaurant at 9:00pm.  We watched lots of football the next day and did not ski.

We have not been back to stay there although I would like to sometime.  Also, having an anniversary the day before New Year's Eve has posed problems with expensive week-ends away to try and celebrate.  I remember getting away for the week-end one time!  We went to Kennebunkport and had a fabulous time there.

Here are a few more pictures:

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