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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

My Blog Format

Ok, so I do not like my blog format and really need to take some time to play around with it.  It is just a straight line down with the pictures the same way.  How ordinary and boring! Can I fool around with it today?  Is there time in my schedule?  One would think that not working would be conducive to getting more done in your day because you have more time to work with BUT it is incredible what little tasks get in the way or with how sidetracked I get during the day...For example, right now I have at least 5 things I need/would like to be doing: dishes (obviously a need, not a like), reading Wait Till Next Year by Doris Kearns Goodwin (definite like), reading FB posts, getting a box into the mail to my grandchildren (2 have birthdays next week), making breakfast, stopping at the bike shop to see if they have any rides coming up, etc. 

 I will come back to this today for sure, just not sure when.  I have to be in Fairhope at 1 to play bridge until 4 and then home to work out with Bruce and grill the chicken I marinaded. Get the picture?  Every day is like this!

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