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Friday, September 2, 2011

Field Trip Friday

Well, not to disappoint y'all, even though it was a day shrouded in misty fog and with a light precipitation falling, I grabbed coffee, camera, and raincoat and headed for Bay Front Park.  It is the sight of Jackson's Oak, where legendary Andrew Jackson was to have made a speech to his troops from one of its massive branches in 1812.  Here is a link for more history and then on to my adventure.

Had enough space to park, what with the weather and all and decided to head out onto a pier that was there.  Saw these little crabs- and I mean little, not like those back in Maine.  A man I talked to said they are used for bait and then I watched another gentleman catching shrimp.

There was a board walk that I headed out to next and it was lovely- and a bit lonely. I will post a few flowers I saw along the way

and then the boardwalk ended and there was a sign

Ok, I do not relish seeing either of these sights and considered turning back until another time when I might have someone along, but then being the Maine adventurer I decided to continue onward and was rewarded by seeing a blue heron.

Finally, after having almost walked through some Banana Spider webs I found D'Olive Cemetery and then Jackson's Oak.  It was huge and massive and is hard to really appreciate fully from a picture.  The moss that hangs down and the sheer size of the tree was well worth the trip.

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