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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Running in the Rain- Thanks Lee

Runners and especially long distance runners are always trying to fit those long runs in on the week-end amidst family plans, weather, and sleep.  There are many considerations.

First and foremost- what day to run?  What does each person's schedule look like? This week, either Sat morning or Sunday morning would have worked.

2- what does the weather look like? Well, let's see now, it looks like Tropical Depression turned into Tropical Storm Lee and she is making a mess of the schedule!!! Slow moving and packing lots of rain.  Probably better to get it done Sat morning.  This does NOT mean a dry 13 miles.  Of that, we know.  That means, wet, soggy shoes, socks, clothing.  Possibly lots of chafing.

3- route? Well, always better on the long runs to head out and back.  All well and good with dry conditions but with today's forecast, seems that perhaps it would be better to run loops somewhere just in case there are thunderstorms and tornado watches posted.  Ok, so a neighborhood and maybe 3 four miles laps with an extra mile tacked on.

4-set out all the stuff the night before or grab it in the morning...and I am talking gu's or gels, water with belt, sneakers, extra socks, glide, visor, breakfast foods... the list becomes endless.  Oh yeah, don't forget the watch.  Don't want to run too little or too much! Music? probably not for today with the rain.

So......headed to a neighborhood Sehoy, strapped on the water, set the watch and here we go.  First 3 go well and then all of a sudden, here comes the black clouds and we get caught in a torrential downpour! Everything soaked.  Stop for more water and gels after 4.  Decide against changing socks and head back out for the next 4 mile loop.  Weather clears after about 2 miles.  Starting to think about changing socks and shorts.  Hmmmmm maybe not. Finished with 8.  Decide to change shorts but not socks.  I am wearing toe socks and they have been great thus far.  Don't mess with something working! Weather cleared again.  Off we go.  Can't even get 1 mile in before the rain again!  But, hey whatever, pretty much wet and soggy and the best part...ALMOST DONE!!!!  Get back to the start with 1 mile to go.  Out .5 and back.  Here we go.  I really don't feel like doing it but you know, running with someone else sometimes helps you push through and after all, it's only 1 mile.  Break it down, .5. Just make it to the turn.  Get there and back!!!

Now, we can head into the week-end being done with the long run.  It is always such a great feeling to be done with it.  Can eat a bit more today, sleep in tomorrow, stay up later because we are hosting a party!!! Life is good!

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Lisa said...

Great job gutting through that one! Sounds like you had the right attitude for sure.

It'll all pay off....