Nov 2011 Savannah, GA 4:38
Dec 2010 Jacksonville, FL 4:22
Feb 2010 New Orleans, LA 4:10
Jan 2010 Mobile, AL 4:07
May 2009 Burlington, VT 4:54
Oct 2004 Portland, ME 3:57

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Friday Field Trip- postponed/ Marathon Training Update

Ok, so Friday was way too hectic to get to the "place" I wanted to tour so I have postponed that trip for 9/23.  Should take about 40 min to get there and 2 1/2 there with 40 back so perhaps you see why I did not make it yesterday.

Today was spent running 17 miles with John and Margo.  We tried out a new route and that is why I love love love my Garmin!!!!

 I bought it in 2009 and have used it almost to death.  You don't need to drive your run route beforehand, you can deviate anytime during the run that you want, and it is a great traveling companion (Lol).  I have used it in Orlando, Aruba, Maine, Myrtle Beach, San Antonio, etc. Only downside is when you think you have charged the battery and then find it did not happen- say, when I got to the starting line for New Orleans and turned it on only to find that it kept shutting itself back off.  Now this might have unnerved many a runner.  They did use clocks but had corrals and different start times for waves of runners so I would have to subtract a certain amount of time form each clock and one knows late in a marathon, math and anything else like that is NOT what one wishes to do! All worked out though, afterall, what was the alternative?!  So I ran with the watch which probably weighed me down (Lol) and been extra vigilent about it never happening again.

Spent the morning running past the local Y, local library, through Alligator Alley, and then into Meaher State Park on the Causeway.  Truly an unforgettable run with temps in the high 60s-low 70s.

Printed out the map for Savannah and looked at route information. 23,000 runners for the combined 1/2 and full so it will be crowded. Will have to drive the route on that Friday.  This is a Sat marathon- a bit different than others I have done.  The plan is to drive over Thursday and get to hotel.. maybe do packet pick up then but I think we will wait until Friday and do the expo and pick up at the same time. Then run marathon Sat and do post party and then drive back Sun with several stops for some stretching and walking around. 

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