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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Tanked or Thankful

Ok, so here we go again.  Out for a 4 mile run.  Should be easy, right?! After all, I just did 13 in the rain. Wrong! Nada.  Tough breathing.  Heavy legs.  Lots of negativity- at least for the final mile.  First three weren't great but at least I ran them all.  Last mile was a combination walk/run.

So, here is where the thankful part comes in.  I am still able to get shoes on my feet and out the door TO run.  No tropical storms or hurricanes in the Gulf right now.  Get to see Harlan Coben today for a book signing. Playing tennis tonight. So, quit the whining Carla!!!  Suck it up as my father-in-law would say!

Afterall, there is always that 17 you have this week-end to look forward to!  Lol:))

Besides running.  I know, there must be some variety. Thinking about Field Trip Friday and have a special place in mind!  Tune in tomorrow to read all about it!


Lisa said...

That's what's so great/terrible about running - you can run like the wind on Monday and feel like a$$ on Tuesday. Yet, you can still pull out a 17 miler and feel human. I think we runners kinda rock that way.

I'll send you good long run vibes if you send me some :)

Carla Pierce said...

Good Long Vibes coming northward for ya:))

Carla Pierce said...

Check this out- we may run from my friend's house to Battleship Park where the 9/11 5K is being run and then run that to try to make up 17. It is a wild idea that just might be interesting and motivational enough to make for a cool run.