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Monday, October 3, 2011

Long, but pleasant 19

19 miles completed on Sunday, and it was a fairly lonely, long run at that!

People sometimes ask me what I think about or do for over 3 hours of running.

Yesterday, I had that unique opportunity. And I hope it doesn't sound like this was a new experience because I have run many, many long miles alone. Just seemed that I hadn't for most of this training session and I found that I really missed that companionship!

First of all, I really do not run with music very often.  Thought about it briefly yesterday, but decided it was just one more thing to carry.  I already had 4 Gels, glide, chapstick, water belt with 4- 12 oz bottles of water, keys and the Garmin on one wrist and the RoadID on the other. 

I do listen to great, energizing songs on the way to the starting point so that those songs go through my mind on the run.  Usually there are at least 2, maybe 3 songs that will stick.  Then there is all the thinking about route selection and if I need to head all the way out 9 1/2 and the big question of whether I have enough water or not.  I depend on a lot of water during a run- I am not a camel! So that keeps my mind occupied for a bit.

Another thing that I do is gauge when to drink the water based a bit on water stops for the upcoming marathon.  This time I was going to try to drink at mile 2 and then every 1 1/2 thereafter.  Gels I try to take at 45 min intervals.  This can break up the run as well.  Then there is always the scenery and different landmarks to pass.

Sometimes I try to think about what I have planned for the rest of the day or the upcoming week. About every couple miles I try to really take note of how my body is feeling.  Do I need to concentrate more on relaxing different body parts or is the Achilles or IT Band starting to become irritated.

I did end up heading all the way out, mostly perhaps because knowing that coming back to the car and then having to complete another 3-5 miles can be emotionally hard.  This way, when I turned it was to head home and be done!  The only concern was the water.

I got the first 13 miles in pretty easily.  It is amazing how all of a sudden that voice in your head says, wow! 6 more miles! I'm starting to feel tired! What am I going to do for another 6!

So, I would say that at these times it is the most important for me to focus on the task at hand. Knock off 1 mile at a time. Most times I can convince myself that if I get through the next 1/2 mile or so I will have some renewed energy.  Just keep moving.  Even running slowly is faster than walking.  Other things I have to resort to doing is counting strides or seeing landmarks ahead and then just trying to make it to that next one.  Oftentimes I go through the alphabet and make up adjectives about myself- yesterday the E was for elephantine fingers!  My fingers always swell during long runs.  For the most part, they are good, motivating adjectives. Lol:)

And then, there is that moment, maybe with 2 or 3 miles to go when you know you can do it and that the feeling you get with finishing will surpass this present feeling.

Couple funny moments though was with about 4 miles to go, wondering if I could find a faucet out near the road so I could get some water!  I ran past a house that had set a water dish out for the dogs that are walked on this road and I chuckled to myself about whether it was clean enough for me to fill up even one water bottle! I decided I could make it without stealing water from the dogs!

What things do you think about while on long runs?


ltlindian said...

I had to go through those same things yesterday. Some thoughts were:

wow! mile 5 already? that was easy.

Holy crap--that's Joan Benoit!

Hey, it's the turnaround, woot!

Mile 9? Is that all. My legs feel like shit. You can run a 5k. That's it. Just a 5K.

2 miles--that's all just two. Legs, just keep going. Just keep going. Don't stop. One mile left. You can rest when you are done. Legs move. Legs move.

Lisa said...

Your thought about stealing the dog's water is hilarious :)

Great job on your solo!

Carla Pierce said...

...and the water was very clear and clean looking!

margo said...

Where did you go to run?

Mostly I like to listen to Dave Matthews. He mellows me out to relax while I run. I review what I have to do for the week. I think about my kids and wonder what cartoon they are watching. And, i think about food because at some point my stomach starts to growl.