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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Tumblr, Podcasts, etc.

Ok, so why have tumblr and what would it add to my life?  I actually started to add this and ran into a snag-how to sign up for one? and is it another thing like FB and G+? or do I create a blog?  That is what it sounded like since it asked for a URL.

Also signed up for some free podcasts in iTunes that I think will be helpful! IPadToday (even though I do not have the IPad-Bruce does) and an NPR Technology Podcast.  My goal here will be to download it to my IPod and then listen to it in the car when I am driving.

Enough for this morning though!  I need to get outside and start enjoying the day!  Perhaps a bkie ride at the shore?!  Anyone want to join me? You know how to reach me I hope!

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