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Monday, August 29, 2011

15 Miler- check

Ok ,so let's just say that it finally happened! I finally had that one good run that mentally I needed!  Woot! Woot!

I have been thinking that if I could change something that the runs would get better.  What are those items in my control?

1- weight
Drop that 10 pounds that accumulated this past year.  Perhaps, no, definitely that had made me feel more sluggish.  In my control?  Yes, the doctor said after finding that thyroid and blood tests are excellent. So, I decided on the South Beach Diet and have lost 6-8 pounds.  Feeling much better.  Didn't really change the way I was feeling when running though.

2- sneakers
Time to change sneakers or go more minimalist or change brands?  Lots to read about and think about. I wear orthotics too so I have thought I should be careful with these decisions.  I had been running in Saucony Hurricanes and had no problems.  Then won a pair of Brooks from the New Orleans Marathon and have been running in those.  Again, good sneaks, but not much different from the Sauconys.  So why not?  try something new.  I bought some Nike Frees for shorter distance runs and some Nike Pegasus (not stability and not top of the line) sneakers for the longer runs.  Time will tell I guess.  Anyway, feet and legs feel fine. Again, not seeing much difference in my runs.

3- training
Using Hal Higdon's 4 day a week Novice 2 training program.  For the last 3 marathons I had upped the days and mileage (6 days a week- running two 22 mile training runs) but Achilles trouble started in again and so I decided to back off and cross train.  Not a great start though as I had only run 6 days in July! Ugh!  However, I have run the past 7 training runs so perhaps back on track. Not sure about how my time will be for this Marathon, but with each marathon I am perhaps refining for me individually.

So, with all those items being in my control, why was I still not running like in the past!?  It had become frustrating to say the least.  I would start out feeling good and then wham! I was done and nothing I could say to myself seemed to be working.  All the tricks and mantras were doing me no good.

Deep down I know I am a cold weather runner and that the heat and humidity of the south is about killing my running, but I still am amazed at how much it wipes me out.

Yesterday, forecasts were for lower humidity and at least a start of 70 so here we go again, heading out for 15 miles.  Running good and relaxed but knowing in the back of my mind that at any moment I could be done, wanting to walk.  Well, that time didn't come yesterday and I was overjoyed that I could enjoy, yes, enjoy a long 15 mile run.  Some might ask,  How can you enjoy a run that long? Well, there is just something about them that I like.  Some mornings it is the birds I hear or the sun breaking through, thinking of all those people still in bed who can't enjoy this part of the day.  Sometimes it is going on a new route or seeing something new on a road that you never noticed before, perhaps because of sailing by in the car. It is also that feeling afterwards, that your body has had a great work out and now it can relax for a bit.

Will I ever run a 50 miler? Perhaps.... Never say never


ltlindian said...

THat weather that you are wanting is here in Maine now! Perfect today! 70's and low low low humidity. Lows in the 50's tonight! Yay!!! My favorite time of year. Looking forward to my run tonight. Won't be long cause of time but oh well.

Lisa said...

Yay you, for a satisfying 15 miler!

Regarding your shoes, have you considered consulting the 'experts'? At my local running shop, they have one of the computers that, when you stand on the sensors (on the floor), it tells you where you're putting most pressure, how your arch is, etc. From there, you can get some clearer clues on what type of shoe to buy.

Good luck with your humidity....does it ever go away?