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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Agendas and To Do Lists

Well this will just be a short blog post about becoming more efficient, or not as the case may be! Always seems to be items on my To Do List! Some manage to stay there for days or weeks.  Notice they are the ones that I really don't want to do.  Right now I have some that are just agenda items for today- get to USA to meet Sarah, play tennis at MTC @ 6:00.  Obviously, these are necessary places I need to get to and so I guess they are To Do items.  Then I would like to go to Luci-May's today and use my Living Social coupon.  Could go in between the above mentioned items.  Then there are things I need to bring to Mobile:

tennis items (most important being sneakers, racket, outfit and water)
books to return to USA bookstore for $ (hopefully lots)
Monster drinks for Sarah -that she forgot here on the counter this morning

Then there are always things Bruce would like me to look into or "do" as a big favor to him.  Today it happens to be to find out what the going refinancing rates are at RBC bank. Of course, the lawn did get mowed and OFF my list yesterday.

Other mscl items I would like to do- run, take another Spanish lesson, read a couple chapters of my latest read, marinade chicken for tonight, kill the fire ants outside near the front doorstep, pay some bills, find a date to paddleboard and take a trip inland for some hiking.

So, knowing all those things won't get done!!!! hmmmm write a blog post about them and then choose a few I guess.  Don't procrastinate on getting items ready for Mobile though and really should hit the bank!

Promise to add Maine pictures from the summer 2011 trip tomorrow!!!!!  It's on the list!

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ltlindian said...

Just writing things down makes it a little easier for me to accomplish it! Hope you have a great day!!!