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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

George and Laura Lee's Wedding: Sept. 25, 2010

The wedding....finally here. And the day seems perfect. Temps will be in the 70s and the sun is shining. Bruce and I got to Laura's a little before 3pm and got a chance to see her and Tim before they had to dress and head out for pictures at the church.

Bruce and I got there and sat in front of Joell, Sarah, Hazel, and Luella. Troy came in and sat with us and then Jenay with Wyliam.  He is getting so big.  Bruce had not seen any of the 3 little ones.

Wedding was wonderful and had some different parts to it. They had a bagpipe-r lead them in and out of the church. The reception was next door. We stayed until almost 11pm and danced to "Sweet Home Alabama". Food and cake were excellent. Here are some pictures I took.

George with his mother Laura

Troy with Wyliam and Hazel 


Me with Hazel

Feeding of the cake

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