Nov 2011 Savannah, GA 4:38
Dec 2010 Jacksonville, FL 4:22
Feb 2010 New Orleans, LA 4:10
Jan 2010 Mobile, AL 4:07
May 2009 Burlington, VT 4:54
Oct 2004 Portland, ME 3:57

Monday, June 25, 2012

Welcome to Summer 5K

So glad y'all decided to do this "run" with me!  I think it was really fun and can't wait to do another one next month!  What can we celebrate, maybe a bit later in the month than the 4th which is obvious?

Laura Bagley
Hey I did it! First time I've been for a run in months.  The weather was perfect for running here in Down-east Maine;overcast with a cool breeze at 57°. I kept thinking of all of you runners in southern Alabama running tomorrow evening. I hope I've been an inspiration.  32:40

Ron & Edie Merrill
Ron and I ran last night too in La Jolla neighborhood. 3.1 miles: 30:04. In the 70s, sunny dry and beautiful and of course hilly.  We attached a sweaty self-portrait. Looking forward to hearing about your run and especially the social hour afterwards. Have fun.

Aiveen Kahalley

Great run this morning.  Didn’t record my time or speed.  Just enjoyed about a 45 min run in my neighborhood.  Cloudy, slightly breezy and about 80F. Thanks so much for motivating me.  I took about a week off and it really felt good to be running again!

Margo Bullwinkle

3.8 mile run at 34.33 in Orlando Park, IL.

Kelly Fuller, Jackie Faulkingham, Denise Wiiliams, & Carla Pierce

4 girls running
Flat on scenic 98; ran south from City Hall and then down some side roads, finishing it off in front of My Cousin Vinnie’s; 88 degrees; great company.
Terrific way to celebrate the start of summer

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