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Monday, November 8, 2010

Update From Daphne

Well, well just waiting for the coffee to get perked and it's another Monday morning.

Tennis-the team went 2-2. Wind and cold were the constants for the Shore. It is still chilly here this morning as well, but the sun is shining. Putting away the tennis racket for awhile to concentrate on finishing the running necessary for the upcoming marathon.

Jacksonville-I had taken off a week because of a tight, sore left Achilles. Playing tennis on the clay did not seem to help but the final day of playing on hard courts it felt great so I was encouraged. Decided to try and run the 15 that was back on week 7 of the training program. Bundled up and headed to the Fairhope Pier. Had a great run and used KT tape. I also ordered a Pro-Tec Roller that is used in physical therapy sessions to try and get rid of the scar tissue. Waking up this morning, legs are sore which I suppose is expected with running 15 after taking a week off so I will stretch out on my foam roller and try an easy 3. Hoping that Jacksonville does not come upon me too fast.

Cruise-Cruising in 3 days and my Maine friends will be here late tomorrow evening. So excited to see them. Bruce has Wednesday off and we are hoping to have a few people over and have some ribs that night.

Kristin's Birthday-Also daughter Kristin had her 24th birthday. We called and talked to her on the phone yesterday. She was headed out to dinner. Does not seem possible that I had a baby that long ago. How time flies.

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