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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

New Sneakers?

So this is a discussion about when runners should switch shoes....

Of course the rule of thumb is supposed to be every 3-400 miles but then of course it is probably a bit about the shoe. This is my current dilemna. I had been running in Saucony Hurricanes since going to my orthopedist and being told I need a stable shoe for an overpronator. I had been happy and relatively pain free for years when...I win a free pair of Brooks Trance 9. They were lighter, even with orthotics and so I have started training in them. I have 300 miles on them and have started having more Achilles pain and some heel pain. Now, is it time for new shoes? same Brooks shoes or back to Sauconys? Or did this occur because of over training while in Gatlinburg? My hiking boots are in need of replacing as well. At what point do orthotics need replacing? or do they? Lots to think about while I take today off and decide what to do.

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