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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Rangeley and Wedding

Well, as I get ready to start packing for the Northeast, I must remember that it will be much colder than here in Bama. We have had the driest Sept on record and temps have still managed to hit 90 every day. Maine has already dipped into 40s and I suspect that while in Rangeley, temps might not get into the 60s even.

Trip schedule looks like this- flying to Portland 24th and visiting with Kristen and family. Then off to Milbridge/Cherryfield area for a wedding. We look forward to seeing all the cousins and family while there. From there we will drive to Rangeley where we have a 3 bedroom cabin for the week and will enjoy some hiking in the Maine woods. Hopefully we will get to hike Saddleback again, and maybe venture out to the Horn.

Will add pictures from the trip while there!

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