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Monday, September 20, 2010

Take Ten for Writers

Ok, so this is a book that is supposed to generate ideas for writing and I thought I would write in my blog-actually save drafts and then publish the final copy.  You read a scenario and then write for 10 minutes without stopping.  Of course, the first one is about the future and perhaps a bit on the science fiction line.  Not something I am even remotely interested in but I will follow directions and try this.

Space Ship
The Ship

Oct 10, 3010

After a long flight we make it to Earth or what used to be Earth. We had to fight monsoon-like winds when we descended over the Pacific Ocean and then we had a rough landing into the water but we are here.  It of course started out as a training flight but because of a malfunction with the gigantic hose that treats the biofuel cannisters, we decided on an alternative plan and then couldn't make it to the docking station on Moon #2.

I sat there growing ever more anxious about the "malfunction" and possible crash landing, but Joshua was straight on.  He is an excellent pilot and cool as steel.  After a fairly easy water landing, we tried to fire up the radio to send back to Gizasta where we went down but that may take several days so here we sit, smack dab in the middle of the Pacific-beautiful, blue water though, waiting and working on fixing the problem.

 I have considered several options for spending this time with Joshua.  After all, he is not that bad looking, although many years older.  My parents would have a total meltdown I suppose. He does have a sense of humor so I suppose the conversation might be at least bearable and I did bring this journal to write about our training and travels, but who wants to write for days on end.  As for any type of exploration, well......what is out there?  We have not had any updated reports about Earth for at least 2 decades so maybe this is a golden opportunity to do a bit of legwork.  Probably ought to clear that with the home office though.  If only we could fix the radio!

Done with the 10 minutes.  I found that I could not help but wonder what the Earth would look like in the future or even if it would exist.  Also what names people would use for things and if they would have the same phrases, like "cool as a cucumber" so I changed it to "cool as steel".  And now, after rereading the scenario, there is no mention of Earth, so again it is my mind working with what it is used to...the norm...that is why it would be tough for me to write science fiction.

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