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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Top 10 Reasons I Love Living in the South

10. Not working- this one may seem like a no brainer to many but I occasionally ponder my next career choice, or job, or class....

9 . Sun is most always shining-sunshine has been known to boost a person's emotional well being; it always makes me smile.

8. No snow-oh all right there was that one time last year when it spit snow for 10 minutes in the back yard and the schools were cancelled but it beats those long, Maine winters.

7. Running year round outside! That says it all! Again, I may have forgotten that last winter was the 4th coldest on record and that I ran the Mobile First Light Marathon with hand warmers, but what are the odds it will happen again this winter.

6. No inspection stickers- saves me money! Yay!

5. The gorgeous downtown Mobile skyline- I love that view.  It is fabulous and always brings a smile to my face.

4. Living in a development- I really, really like this! The neighborhood has mature trees and it is nice to see so many out walking their dogs or running.

3. Being 3 miles from whatever store I need to get to- Lowes, the Mall, gas, Redbox.....enough said.

2. Being part of the Newcomers- it is great to be connected to a large group of folks who arrived from away. They have many group activities and get togethers and we take part in the Couples Bridge Group which has proven to be so much fun.  I just joined a food group as well.

1. Being able to explore-We are close to many great beaches, casinos, and other terrific states to explore.  With my love of travel and adventurous spirit, I have found so much to see and do and I know it will take many more years to see and do all I want to!

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